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Re: Who agrees? Kirk's a womanizer!

teacake wrote: View Post
It was your characterization of a slave with no control over her own life as somehow wanting to have sex with a stranger to comfort him that I find so laughable. It's a boy's fantasy, totally disconnected from the reality of slavery.
Women were often raped. Their genitalia mutilated, their babies stabbed and thrown in the compost heap to die, if the women bred too quickly. They were whipped, beaten, treated like blighted cattle.

House slaves were threatened with severe punishments. They were to be seen, not heard. If the food or service was not to the master's liking, the slave was beaten, whipped, their hair was pulled out forcefully, leaving clots of blood to scab over, and sometimes, they were killed if the "offense" was egregious enough.

I'm aware of the realities of slavery.

Now if you want to view this as a fantasy space opera, fine, that kind of character fits right in. But people try and make Star Trek be about something, ideals and values, and if you view it through that lens it's quite a different story.
I view it as Gunsmoke in space.

Just to be clear I don't fault Kirk at all, but any nobility on his part was about trying to escape and save his ship, not about "love" for this woman.
I didn't say he loved Drusilla. I said he may have been about to die, and this woman offered him comfort and solace, along with other, more physical pleasures. He was likely formulating a plan to get back to the ship, but he was, if nothing else, a realist.
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