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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

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There's The Promise as Christopher mentioned, but a comic book just isn't the same. I'm hoping we get a full episode flashback with the original cast at some point.
But this is a new show. The old characters already had 3 seasons to themselves. They are gone, let the new characters grow without "flashback bombing" the new crew.
I agree. If they wanted to make more A:TLA, they would've just done a fourth season. This is a new show in a new era, defining its own distinct identity.
I'm not saying I want them coming back in full force or taking the spotlight from the new characters. Maybe some flashbacks dealing with the founding of Republic City or the political situation there while Aang was still alive. I don't want them to shoehorn the characters in just so I can see them again, but I feel there might be some valid reasons to get a glimpse into what they were doing between TLA and Korra.
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