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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Looks great, but Bond is supposed to be perpetually around 40 years old. Daniel Craig looks like he's aging early, though he still looks awesome.

Also, he seems to be using a Walther PPK, yet again. Bond inexplicably switched back to the old gun last movie, and he seems to be keeping it. I understand it's iconic, and they are in fact still making modern versions of the gun, but I would have thought that a guy who gets in as many gunfights as this guy would carry something with a bit more kick, or at least more bullets. I miss the days when he carried around the P99.

Bond doesn't need lots of ammo 'cos he he can shoot strighter than the average action hero

I guess the in universe answer is that concealment is more important to someone in Bonds line of work than anything else, although it depends on the situation I guess.

Of course Roger Moore used a .44 magnum

I agree about the aging thing, he's always looked older than his years and whilst I don't think it's essential for Bond to be that suave I'm not sure Craig will still be in the role in 10 years time. I could be wrong though.
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