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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

105. Moneyball: (✩✩✩½) - On Demand - Based on the true story of Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland Athletics's attempt to put together a winning team based on a form of techical analysis. This one got a lot of critical acclaim, but I found it to be pretty average for the most part. However, I came to enjoy the techical analysis bit and warmed up to Brad Pitt's character and performance, so I gave it another half-star. The stuff with his daughter was too sentimental for my tastes though.

106. The Iron Lady: (✩✩✩½) - On Demand - It was a decent watch, but I wasn't bowled over. Streep's make-up job to look like Thatcher was fantastic, but her performance wasn't the best. There was too much of her usual "old lady" voice. The one she also did in Julie & Julia. I did manage to eventually immerse myself into her performance though. I can also see why Thatcher herself refused to watch this, with a lot of the focus on her current mental health. Love the title by the way.

107. Crazy, Stupid, Love.: (✩✩✩✩) - On Demand - I was going to watch The Ides of March after The Iron Lady, but didn't want to see another political thriller, so I got a comedy instead. This one stars Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Marissa Tomei and Emma Stone. Cal's wife asks him for a divorce after 25 years, so he leaves and find himself spending time drinking in a bar, feeling angry and depressed. Then he meets a womanizer who takes him under his wing and turns him into a confident ladies man. I found this to be an excellent, smart comedy with great characters and a lot of great turns. This one isn't formulaic. As far as comedies go, this one is a cut above. I was especially impressed with Gosling. Can't wait to see him in The Ides of March

108. American Reunion: (✩✩✩½) - Theatre - If you enjoyed the previous movies, see this one. It's the next chapter in the lives of a group of friends. New lives, new (same) antics.

Theatre: 4
DVD/Blu-Ray: 36
TV: 51
On Demand: 16
Internet: 1
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