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Well, I finished my engineer playthrough last night and started a new "fail" playthrough tonight, downloading a save where only Kasumi and Morinth survived ME2... and then I killed both of them via the save editor. Actually, Morinth apparently survived my hacking attempts as I got the email from her, but seeing as how she only appears as a banshee she's as good as dead anyway. Legion is missing from the board as apparently he was given over to Cerberus rather than activated, but Kaidan will wind up there as soon as I have the opportunity. Eager to see how all the squad related missions play out with their generic stand-ins. And I guess the Salarian counselor will as good as dead with both Thane and Kirahee dead already.

Here's the board at the start of the game. Normandy's gonna be pretty quiet this game. Already refused Allers, and Javik can rot in stasis. Well Liara, James, and EDI, I guess it's just up to us!

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