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Vanyel wrote: View Post
Worf, Geordi - 'Owon Eggs Omelet Time Squared
Riker - Gagh - A Matter of Honor
Picard - Yellow Cake Parallels
Troi - Chocolate ice cream The Game
Beverly - Riker Phantasms
Data had a drink from Forcas III in Generations, and a semi-organic nutrient suspension in a silicon-based liquid in Deja-Q.
Works for me!

I would also have accepted:

-Data eating soup on Romulus ("Unification II")
-Worf eating cellular peptide cake - "with mint frosting!" ("Phantasms")
-Picard and Crusher's tea and breakfast ("Q-Pid")
-Worf and Geordi eating at the Replimat on DS9 ("Birthright Part I")
-Devonani Ral and Troi's post-coital dinner ("The Price")
-Crusher's dinner date with faux-Picard ("Allegiance")
-Riker drinking lemonade with Q ("Hide and Q")
-Worf pigging out ("Genesis")
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