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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Avenging Spider-Man 6-- A nice set-up for the crossover, but that's what it is--set-up. We meet all of our protagonist characters, discover the motivations for each, and put a plan into action. To be continued...

Fantastic Four 605-- Another winner from Hickman. A done-in-one with Reed and Nathanial taking a road trip through time, and Reed learns another lesson in appreciating friends and family while you can.

Journey Into Mystery 636-- The conclusion of the "The Terrorism Myth". CBR has this book up for nomination for "Best New Series of 2011" (An odd honor for book in its 630's, but I digress...) Other Marvel nominees include Daredevil, FF, Wolverine and the X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man. Worthy nominees all, but JiM is by far the least appreciated of those nominated. I've been surprised at how fun and charming the adventures of 'lil Loki have been. If you haven't been following JiM, this really is one you should catch up with in trade. I think you'll be surprised.

New Avengers 24-- Despite being labled as an AvX crossover, this issue really has very little to do with AvX. It's mostly a Luke and Jessica issue, with Jessica having second thoughts about being an Avenger while raising a child. NA is a book I buy anyway, and I like Luke and Jessica, so I didn't really mind so much. However, if you're looking for any progress or revelations in the AvX storyline, this one will be a disappointment.

Winter Soldier 4-- Bucky teams up with Dr. Doom in order to avoid Doom being framed for an international incident. "Team-up" is a bit of an over-statement as Bucky is largely just along for the ride in this issue as Doom kicks all of the appropriate asses. Looking forward to next month's conclusion.

Avengers Assemble 2-- This book should be really good, but it really isn't. The creative team and the Avengers team are both top-notch, but the story here is bland and the villains uninteresting. Disasppointing.

Uncanny X-Men 10-- A fun finale to the final team-up between X-Men and Avengers before AvX. I felt that Captain America's rebuke to Cyclops at the end was undeserved. It's not as if Cyke took his team off to do something totally unrelated, they were still going after an escapee from The Peak, and were conducting a rescue of their own at the same time. Maybe if the story had gone its originally planned 3 issues, there could have been more context supplied.
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