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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

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I am new to Trek BBS. Actually, I am fairly new to TV and movies in general (despite the fact that I am nearly 30). I never grew up watching TV or movies and my pop culture knowledge is atrocious. My husband decided that he was going to acculturate me starting with Star Trek. I have watched DS9 and I am about 6 episodes away from finishing TNG. However, since it was my first introduction to Star Trek I feel like I missed a lot of the humor in DS9 and intend to re-watch it (and probably TNG) once I finish the other series. I am watching Voyager next and plan on posting a response to each episode.
Welcome to TrekBBS, I hope your experiences here are all positive. Wow, new to TV and Movies? I am jealous. There are so many SciFi shows, I have enjoyed over the years, and having to wait until next week or next season for the next episode, and I can only re-watch them. You have so many gems, like the Star Trek Series waiting for you to watch unfold for the first time, without the wait between Seasons.

Welcome to the wonderful world of SciFi TV and Movies
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