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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

I really liked season 2. It rocked. Yeah, it had a few sorry episodes, but some were spectacular. I especially loved the seed ship episodes.

I only wish they'd taken an angle where Elliot and Dr. Rush figure out how to broadcast the drone signals to make Destiny appear as friend, not foe. Or, a means of reprogramming the drones over the air, turning them against the command ship. They could do this anytime they enter a system with drones present, and basically neutralize the threat.

Anyway, the idea of leaping directly to the next galaxy was a good one, with everyone on board in stasis. If we'd gotten to a 3rd season, we'd have seen everyone come out of hibernation to observe the new galaxy and a whole new set of challenges. It was just... getting... started... *sob*....
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