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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

My biggest fears about the new kids is the fact that they region lock almost everything that is interesting.
I neglected to mention the other vital element in the equation, namely that global distribution must be streamlined to make this all work financially. Niche audiences mean that big budgets are impossible, and we're going to be left with reality TV crap and amusing cat antics - unless you're multiplying those audiences by the size of the global audience, without the cost burden of all the current intermediaries in TV and DVD distribution.

In other words, a new big source of money has to be injected into the system, and greater efficiency in global distribution is the only place I can envision it coming from. So you have nothing to fear - if the industry is stupid enough to continue with the concept of locking out this or that region, that's a sign that they're locked into old modes of thinking and they're not going to make any of this work.

One way we can tell if someone is breaking from the pack and thinking differently and smartly about all this: when they stop bitching about piracy and start to use the huge audiences created by piracy as a benefit. A ready-made audience is nothing to sneeze at.
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