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Re: Who agrees? Kirk's a womanizer!

Depends on what you mean by "womanizer."

If you mean is he one of those guys who is obsessed with bedding as many women as he can, who will tell them anything they want to hear (up to and including "I love you"), who will pretend to be something he isn't, or who might even slip her a "mickey" in order to have his way with her, then, no, he isn't one of those.

If, instead, you mean is he someone who enjoys women and whose company many women enjoy in return, someone who does not, however, use his attractiveness to women in a selfish or deceitful way (unless it is for some greater good such as saving his ship or crew), and someone who remains on good terms with his "past women" (except for one or two psychos), then, yes, he is that.
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