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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

51. Bad Fever (C-)

Bad Fever: This small, independent American feature has a couple of scenes that really work, so it's impossible for me to give it a failing grade, but as a whole I found it rather unappealing. Unambitious hipsters who mumble through improvised dialogue, dumpster dive, and express themselves by recording VHS tapes that would make the trash bag guy in American Beauty wince? If I wanted that, I'd move back to the Pacific Northwest. This is my first experience with the "mumblecore" genre. In a way, I was dreading it, and my fears seem to have been realized.

I have to go to a screening of Your Sister's Sister later in the year -- another film in the genre, albeit one with more recognizable actors -- so I'll reserve sweeping judgments until I have at least a couple of mumblecore movies under my belt. But I'm not optimistic.

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