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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

I expect much more for the next 30-35 years, but the next 15 should make some rapid tech developments too...

1. Biotech...a combination of readily available advancements in biotech both for the bright motivated amateur and professionals will make for huge progress in the understanding of the human body and how to modify/change/treat it. This will make humanity able to grow along with it's tech.

2. AI...on the way to equivalent human intelligence, strong AI will finally reach its true potential. The physical form of AI, androids/robots also seem to be well on the way. See the recent DARPA announcement thread. This is the "brain" of the future.

3. Clean power technologies combined with possibly power cells and a potential development of type IV nuclear fission reactors. Solar power alone has more than enough potential to supply the world with all it's energy needs. Beaming it to Earth via laser may happen towards the latter part of the 15 year period. You can't have tech without power!

4. Portable and integrated computer technology/gadgets everywhere, including clothes, and even potentially more integrated with human bodies. Google has a pair of goggles (google goggles, ouch) which will augment reality, and may be as fashionable as ipods are today. 12 years ago the idea of people commonly wearing computers was scoffed at.

5. Nanotechnology..already a $2 billion a year growing industry, this tech will finally lead to nearly completely reliable machines, a medical revolution, and eventually foglets and smart matter. The implications for almost every field of human endeavor will make this transformative.

Some others of note...cultured meat replacing real animals. Vertical farming replacing conventional farming. Cell phones...yes cell phones. Smart phones will continue to create a "dematerialization" effect.
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