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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

I think it was Articles of the Federation. I've liked most KRAD books though James Swallow's Day of the Vipers, first book in the Terok Nor trilogy was the best Treklit I've read.

The morphing into a blob element is bad if you have series or characters you really aren't interested in. I ended up skim reading a lot of Destiny because of this. And yes they have now killed billions of people in the latest mega-war. I so much prefer the smaller stories, the political stories, the stories of the background of one character. Why does the frakking universe always have to be in peril?

My Treklit reading took a major punch in the gut after I read a Babylon 5 trilogy which was just about the best thing I've ever read. Ever. And it made most of Treklit look very dull and choppy and made me sad that some of the stuff published is such crap.

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