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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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LOL, I think that would have been waaayyy too contrived, like "small universe" syndrome times 10,000. Nonetheless I have thought about how exactly they'd fit her in. Maybe they could make it so the prophets were actually ascended Ocampa and Kes comes to join them in the wormhole
I think Jennifer would've been great cast as a Vorta in DS9
That's a really good idea. She could be the smaller, somewhat defective innocent Vorta. She could fall in love with Weyoun because some stray hormones slipped into her cloning vat. In order to save her life Bashir has to remove all traces of hormones and love and the poor dear has a five minute ethical dilemma about it.
The only set back is Jen Lien can't wear the latex and make up it takes to be a Vorta. She has allergies to the latex and glue. Wasn't that why they grew her hair longer, to cover that up?

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Just add a prolonged lifespan.
Still don't get the irony of why she looks like Tinkerbell, huh?
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