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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Some of the books in the series were excellent Lipton. The book by KRAD for instance. I read them all in order because Treklit forum (don't go in there, it is dangerous) told me to but it really wasn't necessary. After that I started only reading books by authors I liked. I had to abandon that eventually as all of Treklit morphed into one huge blob with every series in every book.
Which book by KRAD?

I agree with you about Treklit morphing into a sort of blob, everything is interconnected by these huge story arcs now and it's so hard to keep track of them all (I haven't even delved into the Typhon Pact yet...). It's kind of nice that Voyager has its own storyline now that's mostly separate from the rest of the novels, like Titan was for a while.

I wish that the novels now weren't so focused on conflicts. It feels like we went from the Dominion War to the Borg Invasion to the conflict with the Typhon Pact. Whatever happened to good old exploring (thank goodness for Voyager and Titan in this case).
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