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RUSH: Clockwork Angels

It's an exciting time to be a Rush fan!

Supposedly a new song from Clockwork Angels debuts on 4/19. The word is it's a radio-edit of a 7 minute + song called Headlong Flight. The album is scheduled to be released in late May.

There are rumors flying fast and furious right now in Rushland. First, that a Fall tour will be announced on April 19th, and a few dates have already leaked (if you trust that sort of thing).

Second, that Rush is scheduling all indoor venues, because a full orchestra will be joining them for at least part of the evening (Think Marathon, Manhattan Project).

Third, a leaked image from the tourbook (since taken down at the request of the band) showed the Signals Dalmatian on the cover. Could it be they are playing Signals in its entirety in honor of its 30th anniversary, as they did for Moving Pictures on their last tour?

Lastly, the rumor is that there will be a radio preview tomorrow.

You can check out all the latest speculation, hand wringing, and giddy fanboi-ism on Rush Is A Band...

Regardless, it is time to get fired up, ladies and gentlemen. The Greatest Band in History is getting ready to rock again!

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