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I just showed TheGodBen around my ridiculously primitive creations but I'm hoping he'll stick around. You guys have all made such awesome things with awesome views. I built ... a shack in the forest.
It's still better than my first "home" on the server, a hole I dug in the ground because I got lost several km from spawn and needed to mine for iron and redstone so I could make a compass.

And like I said, the houses you're building look much better than anything I've ever built in the game. I don't have an artistic bone in my body so most of the things I build end up being rectangles or circles. My most interesting builds tend to be things that I build into the landscape.
I think it's cool to see how everyone has different styles. I don't have the patience to build something really big because I'd get caught up in the details and it would take me way too long. And I haven't messed around at all with pistons or anything with redstone. RM was saying how he likes to build underground but I tend to dislike that. But I've been exploring the town (with some help) and it's awesome to see everyone's styles come together. You have the really big structures and monuments, things underwater or underground, things in trees!

I think my favorite part is the community aspect of it and how people use signs. Sometimes they're useful, sometimes they're cute, and sometimes they're just funny.

I'm super detail-oriented so building has been challenging for me since there is only so much for me to work with. And this also means that even though I've logged 35235428742349 hours on Minecraft already, I don't have a ton to show for it. But my village is growing! I finished the outside of the inn, started planning out a few other buildings, and started on the interiors of a couple of the buildings.

What are everyone else's current projects?
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