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Re: Play matchmaker for Janeway

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I never liked the whole C/7 thing; it just appeared out of the blue with very little background in my opinion, plus the idea of Seven getting together with Chakotay after having a romance with a holographic version of him is just plain creepy.
I also thought that was creepy but for 7 it was logical. And who knows how it is viewed when that option is always on the table, something we don't have. Trek doesn't explore the ethics of who you are sleeping with in the holodeck. Is it just one step up from fantasizing about someone? I would say it's a lot more than that but I don't live in that century where playing in holomovies has replaced passively viewing them.
If the writers had wanted C/7 to work they should have shown some sort of degredation in the relationship between Janeway and Chakotay (because even in Endgame there was still more freaking chemistry between the two of them than Chakotay and Seven!) and then shown how Chakotay and Seven's relationship developed as a result.
See I think Janeway had chemistry with EVERYONE. She's a wooer of her crew. She has that whole touching you just as she asks you to go on the impossible mission thing. She's incredibly personal in all her interactions.

Of course I'm not denying there was subtext there between Janeway and Chakotay. There was overt subtext between her and Chakotay and her and 7.
And when they returned home, absolutely they could have had a romantic relationship. As for Janeway being 'fate's bitch' I'm going to quote the good Captain here and say 'the hell with it.' Let Janeway have a little happiness.
In the books Janeway and Chakotay got together, declared their love, slept together for ONE night and then they promptly killed her. Which is like the biggest asshole move ever. Then they reduced Chakotay to a blubbering emo wreck for another book which sure didn't help his character any (apparently this was "character development".)

Though I've always enjoyed my J/7 I do think Janeway is more heterosexual than not and if they actually gave her Chakotay as a relationship I would be quite happy for her. I suspect if she does come back from Q-death in the next book there will be all this bullshit angst between them that will keep them separated much like all the bullshit angst between Picard and Beverly and Troi and Riker because they were having babies which apparently turns Starfleet officers in their 40's and 50's into soap opera head cases.

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