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Re: Play matchmaker for Janeway

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Seven had a perfectly complete and healthy subconscious she developed in Unimatrix Zero in real time for decades, which quietly fed her broken conciousness the bare bones of what she needed to make it in the world without giving away her secret life, till she finally got on top of all this individuality bullshit
You can say that up till unimatrix zero, even though awake, she didn't know it, Seven.... "Anika" was involved and content so of course she didn't go on the prowl.
Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
You're forgetting about the cortical implant that turns off her brain if she generates emotional reactions to extreme for the Borg's liking. It was almost impossible for seven to fall in love romantically. She could only create a relationship logically without accidentally killing herself. Which is something we all do, as we plan futures with people we barely know and do not understand, and should not trust or have faith in.
This is all good stuff. And I think if you want someone to plan a logical relationship Chakotay works well. Though we did not see any falling in love they did work together for years and has gotten all of that "getting to know you stuff" out of the way without any pressure at all. You can see how awkward 7 is when there is an expectation of getting to know you on her date with whathisname.

Lipton wrote: View Post
I believe in attraction at first sight, and gradually building attraction over a period of time but not... no attraction for years and then suddenly wanting someone's babies. That doesn't fly with me. By contrast, with the Paris and Torres relationship, one could see it gradually build.
I think wanting his babies is overstating it, she wanted a relationship and any babies or long term success was way down the track. Just like anyone in a first or in her case second relationship who has no idea what the future holds. Makes sense for her, for him I would have thought he was looking for more stability.

I have known quite a few people who had no attraction for years and then suddenly connected and ended up with someone. This is also I think more likely to happen in a setting like Voyager where socializing doesn't proceed like in real life because there are never any new people coming into the mix and there's no way to escape from the people you're with. Just about any relationship scenario is possible for humans.

As to the writers giving up on J/C by the season 7, the impression I got from what Mulgrew says was it was off the table a lot earlier than that.

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