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Re: Star Trek XI Caption Contest #38:Vats the Wector Wictor?

Chekov: While I have your attention, I've been asked to remind you of the entertainment being offered on board ship, tonight. At 19:00 in the rec room on deck 8, David Cameron's 2180 remastered wersion of the 2087 holographic wersion of the 2012 3-D wersion of the 1997 classic "Titanic" will be shown. And yes, I’m told the popcorn replicator is back on line.
For those of you who prefer live theater, we have a real treat. At 19:30 on the ship's main stage, the Karidian Company, joining us from Planet Q, will be performing Shakespeare's "Hamlet". The great Anton Karidian, himself is in the title role. After the play, the captain will be hosting a reception for the company in the ship's lounge. All are inwited to attend.
This ends the announcements. Thank you.
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