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Re: Play matchmaker for Janeway

Seven had a perfectly complete and healthy subconscious she developed in Unimatrix Zero in real time for decades, which quietly fed her broken conciousness the bare bones of what she needed to make it in the world without giving away her secret life, till she finally got on top of all this individuality bullshit

Everyone forgets Auxum, but he so should have been the guy for Seven waiting at the end of the book.

You can say that up till unimatrix zero, even though awake, she didn't know it, Seven.... "Anika" was involved and content so of course she didn't go on the prowl.

After the collapse of Unimatirix Zero, that both meant that NOW she knew that she did have a boyfriend who she was supposed to be faithful to... And that she was in an unworkable long distance relationship that she needed to deep six.

You can see how she might be conflicted somewhat in so far as what step to take next with Neo, I mean Auxum?
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