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Re: Who agrees? Kirk's a womanizer!

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If you don't agree suport yourself with more than "Because"
No, why don't you support your claim? I'd like to see some numbers:
1. How many women did Kirk kiss?
2. How many women did Kirk kiss while not having an non-sexual ulterior motive?
3. How many women did Kirk actually sleep with?
C.E. Evans in this thread starting on Post #95 has some numbers for you!
Agreed, and thanks for linking to the previous thread.

This is all subjective. Here's Merriam-Webster's definition of the term:
"intransitive verb
: to pursue casual sexual relationships with multiple women

wom·an·iz·er noun"

By that definition, and based upon the onscreen (or even implied) evidence, I disagree w/ the OP. Very few of Kirk's relationships were sexual, and those that were, were not "casual."

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