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Re: Starfleet Cloaking Vessel c.2269

Kaiser wrote: View Post
Very cool looking ship
Always a kind word! Thanks!

The Axeman wrote: View Post
I thought it was your tug concept being 'repurposed' at first.
I'm glad you were able to see the differences in the end. I knew they would look a lot a like. As for the build, the new one is more convoluted, yet was easier (since I have more GSU experience).

Lord_Schtupp wrote: View Post
interesting premise and design, very cool
Thanks- it can use some fleshing out. Gee- I haven't even come up with a class name yet! Or registry number. I'm thinking something "clever" like NX-71...

Starship wrote: View Post
Interesting design!

publiusr wrote: View Post
I love the front. Looks like the secondary hull on Decker from Fasa made into a primary/main-hull.
I wasn't sure what ship you are refering to. Is it the TNG era stretched out one?

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