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Re: Play matchmaker for Janeway

I realize I am the only person in the history of fandom who was perfectly happy with 7 and Chak hooking up. It's kind of odd too as 7 is my favorite Trek character ever and I pretty much have no opinion of Chakotay because I find him so passive and dull. However I do firmly believe he would be good for 7, as I said a kind man who would endeavor to make things easy for her and not be demanding at all. He's not going to try and get her to change other than some genial encouragement from time to time. Most men couldn't handle 7's personality, their manhood would be threatened by her autocrat manner and lack of need for them. Chakotay has no manhood to speak of which is why he was such a pawn of Seska's. He won't be threatened by 7 and, in her favor, she won't at any point manipulate him. She's not the warm woman he needs but she's also not an abuser or liar. I think it's a very good place to be for both of them, as a kind of resting place relationship. It's not a relationship that could be built on but 7 at least is not at the building point as far as relationships go.

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