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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

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Well the Star Trek Chronology seemed to state that it was Federation Vs Romulans and Starfleet was established after that...
No, the Chronology makes a point of putting the war before the founding of the Federation in 2161. From its annotations for the 2156 entry on the start of the war:
The conflict was described as being between Earth and the Romulans, suggesting that the United Federation of Planets did not exist at this point.

'Enterprise' switched that around and Starfleet came first.
Not really, because the organization seen in Enterprise is the United Earth Starfleet, and the organization seen in the later series is the Federation Starfleet. "Starfleet" is actually a pretty generic name for a fleet of starships (its usage in science fiction predates Star Trek by decades, though it was rare before ST), so just because the two use the same label doesn't mean they're the same institution, any more than the Royal Navy and the United States Navy are the same.

But frankly why not try to plan it out better from the beginning? I remember when it was first announced it was either going to be a single book on the war, two books or possible 3.
First off, most of the planning process behind the books is not made public, so you shouldn't mistake the public's lack of knowledge of the plan for the absence of a plan. Second, just having a plan in place doesn't guarantee that reality will conform to it. Plans frequently have to be changed in the face of new circumstances or contingencies, and that's apparently what happened here.
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