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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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WWE seems to have abandoned the prohibition on blood, although I'm not convinced that Cena's busted lip was a blade job - nor am I convinced as to whether it was hard way because Brock would have knocked him loopy had he connected stiff. I would say it was probably fake blood, the same as what would appear from the mouths of those who were trapped in Undertaker's Hell's Gate submission in the early days of the move. The run in from the locker room (which was ridiculous, given that it shouldn't take twenty well built men and most of WWE's referee population to restrain two, no matter how out of control they might be) provided ample opportunity for one of the referees to slip a blood pack to Cena and for him to apply it.

I'm glad that WWE are pushing Brock as his old arrogant/monster heel self, because that's how he works best as a character. However, if WWE thinks that this will get the people behind Cena, they are terribly mistaken...

I wonder when they will just give up and let it be? After all, people pay good money to see a show where the likelyhood of Cena getting his ass kicked and/or massively negative reaction is very high - as Wrestlemania XXVIII appears to have demonstrated. (it's been rumoured that WM did 1.5 million buys, which is huge!)

I wonder if the alcohol that Jericho is using to "humiliate" CM Punk is non-alcoholic? Given Punk's strict adherence to the straight edge lifestyle, I can't imagine him agreeing to do it with real booze and nor should he have to.
During Cena's promo with Johnny minutes afterward he was cleaned up, but his mouth area was badly swollen. I don't think that WWE make-up could fake that so convincingly. Seemed to me that Brock didn't expect to connect or simply briefly forgot it wasn't a UFC match. You'll note on the slow-mo that Brock connects and then adjusts and then repeatedly misses by a wide margin.

They did a similar angle with Triple H and Shawn Michaels shortly after Shawn came back in 2003. The locker room was emptied but it was not enough to restrain Michaels.

One would hope its non-alcoholic, I recall JBL doing something like that to Punk as well back in the day during Punk's first run with the WHC.
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