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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Wow, the only title that's been listed here that I recognize is Mosaic. I HAVE been out of the loop for a long time. I tried reading the first book (I think it's Christie Golden) that came out after Voyager ended, but threw it down as soon as I got to the part where Naomi was asking about her "Uncle Neelix". Since she never called him that, I figured there was no point in going on reading something written by a person that missed something that basic. It's like having a non-Star Trek fan direct Nemesis.
As far as I'm concerned, some of those Star Trek pocket novels are just glorified fan fiction. I've seen some stuff on the net that's more well written than certain books.

I reserve the right to ignore any ludicrous, senseless, or inaccurate work of fiction whether it be a book or a certain movie, and make it have no bearing on any fan fiction I write. I haven't yet written any for Voyager, but I eventually will.

BTW, I'm new here but I've been a fan of Voyager for years
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