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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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I've been wondering whether Rick's gang shouldn't have tried to drive/lead/decoy the herd right on past the farm. Anyone not able to fight could just hide in the house until they're gone. Those who did the decoying could get a decent lead on the herd, get out of their line of sight, and then circle back. It's not like the zombies are automatically going to besiege the house just because it's there. As long as you don't draw their attention to it.

I suppose by the time they were aware of the threat, it was a little late to come up with a plan like that.
I would imagine it also depends on the size of the herd. It wouldn't be much use if the herd was so big half of it got distracted and decided to try and eat the people you were trying to lead them away from.

Massive flaw in your plan that specifically relates to The Walking Dead: Carl. If they are supposed to hide in the house, then Carl is guaranteed to be wandering around the fields attracting every walker in the area.
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