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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

There's no need to apologize, but I appreciate the offer I think it's just that we live in a very interesting time thanks to the rapid advancement of technologies in everyday life.

I was seated on a jury last year and managed to get myself excused because a key piece of evidence the prosecutors wanted to use was a video they'd made of the defendant without his knowledge. When they questioned me before starting the proceedings, I very seriously pointed out how uncomfortable I was with this as I knew it was already illegal to use wiretapped/recorded conversations without a person's consent -- why should video recorded under similar circumstances be admissable?

Things like this need to be sorted out and decided upon in advance before law can be applied to it. Likewise, the blurred line of quality between fan films and professional productions complicates things like awards qualifications as we've discussed. Its just a fact of life today, but one that most people tend to shrug off without considering the actual, practical implications of said fact.
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