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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

I see your point Sci, and while there are some bad fan produced stuff out there, there is some extremely good ones as well. Such as The Joker Blogs which is probably my favourite Batman related fan produced project. The quality and dedication these guys have put into their work blows most everything else away. It would be one thing if it were crap being produced, but I have no problem if it is quality. It is rare yes, but quality stuff is there. I think your parameters are a little narrow minded to be honest. Perhaps your suggestion of a Fan Produced category should be something the Hugo committee or whoever is in charge should consider. Also didn't "Sanctuary" start as a fan series on the web? Look at "Red Vs Blue" as well. Lots of examples. Both original and fan projects. Anyway this type of discussion really belongs in it's own thread I think.

I still haven't seen the last two episodes either
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