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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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I would just like to take a moment to point out the competition (in bold):

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

“The Doctor’s Wife” (Doctor Who), written by Neil Gaiman; directed by Richard Clark (BBC Wales)
“The Drink Tank’s Hugo Acceptance Speech,” Christopher J Garcia and James Bacon (Renovation)
“The Girl Who Waited” (Doctor Who), written by Tom MacRae; directed by Nick Hurran (BBC Wales)
“A Good Man Goes to War” (Doctor Who), written by Steven Moffat; directed by Peter Hoar (BBC Wales)
“Remedial Chaos Theory” (Community), written by Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna; directed by Jeff Melman (NBC)
Between that, the Gollum MTV Movie Award acceptance speech, and nominating an episode of a fan film series in 2008 ("World Enough and Time" from Star Trek: New Voyages), I gotta say, I don't have a lot of respect for the Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo's nomination standards.


(I disagree with nominating "Remedial Chaos Theory," for the reasons I've outlined, but I don't fundamentally disrespect it. If we accept that those were actual alternate timelines and not Abed's musings, "Remedial Chaos Theory" is a perfectly legitimate and thought-provoking -- and hilarious! -- episode of science fiction. But these other nominations are just bullshit.)
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