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Re: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes season 2 discussion thread

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I've forgotten what happened to Nick Fury in season 1 that led to Maria Hill taking over SHIELD.
The last time we saw Nick Fury last season was when it was discovered that Viper was a Skrull. The next time we see SHIELD, Fury had gone underground, and Hill was running SHIELD. Presumably, Nick went underground due to the belief that he couldn't trust anyone around him not to be a Skrull.

This week' episode was OK. It seemed more like an "issue" of Iron Man rather than Avengers: EMH, but it's OK to focus on a single character and their supporting cast every now and again. It was cool to see Rhodey in his War-Machine suit and interesting to note how Tony being an Avenger is hurting his business. In the comics, Tony keeps talking about how he doesn't have the money to bankroll the Avengers anymore, yet keeps building skyscrapers and Quinjets for them.
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