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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Archer. Jonathan Archer.
B is for Blalock's Boobs
C is for Columbia, the NX-02
D is for Dastardly Xindi Plan to destroy the Earth
E is for ECS Horizon
F is for Fleet of Starships, like some kind of Star Fleet
G is for the goo that Trip gets to spread all over T'Pol in the decon chamber.
H is for Hoshi Sato
I is for Insectoid Xindi
J is for Jazz, which made T'Pol feel invigorated
K is for Kalen Archer, one of Archer's descendants in the "E2" timeline
L is for Lorian, one of T'Pol's descendants in the same timeline
M is for MACOs
N is for Nausicaan pirates
O is for Orion slave traders
P is for photonic torpedos.
Q is for Quantum dating
R is for Romulan minefield
S is for Surak
T is for Trip
U is for Unexpected
V is for V'Las
W is for Warp 5 Engine
X is for Xindi weapon
Y is for Y-500 freighter, mentioned in "Strange New World"
Z is for Zefram Cochrane
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