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Re: TOS: That Which Divides by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Just plowed through this yesterday in one sitting! Enjoyed it, but felt it missed on a couple things:

-Initial crash/disaster. Felt like it got edited down a bit. By the time Boma was describing things, it felt ok again, but felt like it was missing something when we went from attempting to land right to one of the survivors riding a transport out and just telling us that only 3 survived...

-Biggest miss (I felt) was about the Kalandrans. Called back a TOS episode (good), but then instead of digging deeper into it, it really felt more like a name-drop. We got a tiny bit more info, but instead of fleshing things out more, like I felt it needed (and could easily have done), it really just hinted at more info, but didn't deliver. Best we got was that Boma was going to stay and dig into it more. For all the info in the database, that's a fun ending, but really could have used more of the 'high-level' synopsis on what happened to them. Dunno, just felt let down by that part.

Overall, though, the story felt good. Excellent characterizations of the TOS gang, fun story, redemption for Boma, everything felt right. Just wish it had gone a little further with the Kalandrans after all the work to call back the original story...
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