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Are there kings in the ST multiverse?
Canonically, only various kings from history and lore have been referenced, like Macbeth, Henry V, Arthur, Hrothgar, etc. However, then-Prince Abdullah, who's now the King of Jordan, appeared as a Voyager crewmember in "Investigations."

In Trek Lit, there's King Stevvin of Shad in Howard Weinstein's classic The Covenant of the Crown. Since you mention the multiverse, Star Trek Online gives the Gorn a king.

Of course, there are queens in Trek; even if we discount the Borg "Queen" (since it's a figurative title), there's Deela, Queen of Scalos; Queen Arachnia from Captain Proton; and the Queen of Hearts from TAS: "Once Upon a Planet." Oh, and Stevvin's daughter Kailyn in Covenant, the future queen of her world.
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