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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I certainly don't blame Douglas Adams; at the time none of the other "completions" had been done, and why not retool a story that hadn't gotten to see the light of day?
But it was weird that he also threw in so much of the plot of "City of Death," a story that definitely did see the light of day and is one of the better-remembered Tom Baker stories.
Eh, as Terry Jones said about him, he loved ideas but hated to write. It's the reason his Doctor Who stories (presumably including Shada) never got novelized before now-- he wouldn't give permission for others to do it because he wanted to do it himself, but he had to be literally locked into a hotel room to actually write his books, so the novelizations never got done. Heck, even the Hitchhikker's Guide was a case of him recycling the same story from medium to medium. So I could easily see Dirk Gently being his way of redressing his Doctor Who work in a way that spring-boarded his imagination into creating a new universe to write about.
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