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Well, by that logic, did The Big Bang Theory qualify when Leonard imagined Sheldon reproducing through mitosis? Or Scrubs qualify for a Hugo every time J.D. imagined himself in a sci-fi setting? Or The Wonder Years when Kevin imagined himself and his friends as the characters from "Spock's Brain?" Etc.
I'm not sure about The Wonder Years, as I was never into that series, but in the case of The Big Bang Theory example and J.D.'s imaginations on Scrubs, those were not the basis for full episodes (with the exception of Scrubs "My Princess," and that episode was, well, in a word, bad).

In the case of The Big Bang Theory, maybe if Leonard's imagined Sheldon reproducing through mitosis and spent the episode following them as they both reproduced again and eventually overwhelmed the Earth with Sheldons it would qualify.

What you're saying is equivalent to saying that Inception was not science fiction
Well, no, because even if that were the case, it was all the result of the dream machine. Inception was obviously as much science fiction as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
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