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Oh do come back to the server! The guys have been showing me their creations on there and I think it's amazing to see what everyone has made. You can show me around too! I'm "hivedev" on there, in case you ever see me online. I live near the giant Christmas tree.
There's a Christmas tree? Shows how long it has been since I've been on the server. I tried logging on a few weeks back because I was showing someone the game and wanted to show them some of the amazing things others have built, but I was an update ahead of the server again.

My main problem is that I have a sentimental attachment to my single-player world and I keep thinking of things that I want to add to it, and by the time I finish those projects I get bored of the game and play something else for a few months. I want to be active on the server, but it just never seems to happen.
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