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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Actually, it was announced that Hasbro got the license to make toys for TREK 2013. I'm glad. Hasbro has proven much more commercially competent and successful than Playmates and others who have tackled the TREK action figure lines in the past
Perhaps a missed opportunity for Hasbro to release Star Trek Transformers. They could probably do some interesting things with giving Voyager a robot mode and stuff like that.
I for one wouldn't mind seeing a J.J. Abrams Enterprise that turns into an Autobot. And if the Klingons are in the next film then we could also get a D7/K'tinga-class cruiser(altered timeline design, of course) that transforms into a Decepticon. The possibilities are almost endless for a series of STAR TREK Transformers that could cover the Roddenberry, B&B and Abrams eras.
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