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I can never bring myself to play a hostile map. It's not even a rational thing since I will have my items restored if I die. I hate killing things. And I hate the disgusting things that they drop. I have all this rotting flesh and spider eyes and such in my inventory and they gross me out.

[quote wrote:

I've been meaning to get back on the server, but every time I try I find myself an update ahead of the server.
I'm not sure its something I can advise on. You just have to get used to them over time.
You hate killing things? Funny, you seemed to be hacking your way through villagers pretty well last time I saw you.

But yeah, I'm the same way about killing pigs, chickens, and cows. Which is why I eat mostly bread and melons.
And rotten meat (though it does make good dog food) and spider eyes are pretty much useless. I usually just toss them. String, arrows, and bones though do come in handy.

My husband kept making fun of my wooden tools so he shamed me into making some stone ones. All my tools are stone except for one iron pickaxe that I use to mine precious things.

I haven't done a ton of mining, but I found diamonds today! First time for that. I was thinking about making an iron armor set but I am worried it will just get beat up and wasted immediately. I don't even know what to do with the things I found, I'm just hoarding them in a trunk. Sometimes I just open it and look at them because I'm happy I have something more precious than blocks of dirt.
Yep, again I was the same way. But irons become so common now that I don't mind using it for armor and tools. Heck, I've come up from really big caves with an entire stack of iron ore.
And really, in the long run its hard to beat a diamond sword for dishing out the hurt.

Maybe you should consider switching to a bow and sniping monsters.
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