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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

beamMe wrote: View Post

Why shouldn't a pretty and soft looking villain not just be as masculine and bad-ass the original?

Indeed. Its a long-time anime meme that the girlier an opponent, the more powerful they are.

And if they start throwing cherry/rose petals around, run!

beamMe wrote: View Post
I think this opening for a Yamato-game still looks the best:
Yeah, thats still my all-time favortie Yamato vid, and the one that got me thinking "Damn, Yamato would make an epic cgi series".

Lynn Minmay wrote: View Post
Here's the new opener.

Wanna compare it to the original?
Nice. Though I wish the new version was just a little more energetic.
And man, whoever ripped the original opening sped it up just a bit too much.

Lynn Minmay wrote: View Post

It isn't just Yuki.

There's at least five.
And about time too. Thanks for the link!

And thank goodness the doc isn't quite as much of a mole man anymore.
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