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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Well at least their releases are greatly staggered. It's more expensive stuff, but there's fewer releases, and several months between them. Plus, I'm going to be collecting less lower end stuff now, too.

DC Universe seems all but dead, unless Mattel can get their act together. That frees up some funds for me, since even if the line ever does get going again, it will be smaller waves and no Build-A-Figure.

Marvel Legends I'm all caught up on, except for a freaking Ghostrider. Hasbro hasn't even announced wave 3 yet. I suppose they're waiting for SDCC. It's idiotic how they released the first two waves so close together. There was such a small window for wave 1, that a lot of people are missing figures. Ghostrider in particular seems to be impossible to find, and there's a lot of incomplete Terraxes out there because of it. I'm dropping Marvel Universe, I think. The quality and releases are just too inconsistent for me.

As for Star Wars, well I've already spoken about how my enthusiasm has waned. I've essentially limited myself to OT and EU stuff now. Of course, that's all hard to find when the pegs are overflowing with Episode I and Clone Wars stuff.
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