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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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^ Your statement is amusing since as has been pointed out several times now, Singer had a very deep involvement with "X-Men: First Class" whether you want to accept this or not, it is a fact. Again without his pitch we would not have had the film we got.
I don't care who "pitched" what. What came out on the screen did NOT look or feel like the first 3 films. THAT is the only important fact.

The people who actually MADE the film (not who "pitched" it, or who was the bean-counter who "produced" it, but who actually put sets, costumes and actors on film and assembled the final story) had a very different vision than Singer's bloated, self-important allegorical pieces.

I'm not sure why it is so hard to accept that Singer had a great deal to do with First Class.
Because he DIDN'T have anything meaningful to do with the actual production of the film, as evidenced by it's radical departure in tone and style from I-III.

Matthew Vaughn essentially executed Singer's vision while bringing Vaughn's own unique story telling abilities as director and co-writer. They were working very much in conjunction with each other.
See above.

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The first three films acted as if they were either ashamed or frightened about their genre.
Despite all your bitching and complaining about the allegory in the Singer films, you really didn't get it, did you?
Oh I got it...there was no way NOT to "get it", given how Singer kept hammering the viewer upside the head with it in endlessly dull "mutant angst" scenes where the characters all sit around bemoaning how horrible their lot is.

Not a one of them ever stopped and said "Look at this...I can [insert what they could do]...COOL!"

Besides, we had that same theme in First Class again.
But it was handled in an entirely different, not annoying way.

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This was part of his "keep it 'real'" philosophy
And that's a bad thing?

X1 also feels far more 'real' than X3, and, surprise, surprise, is a vastly better movie.
To the extent that it is a better film, X1's "realism" nonsense is NOT the reason it is better. X3 needed another round of story polish, and a better conclusion to the whole "Dark Phoenix" arc.

Where X3 stood out was that it was the first time the X-films even attempted to show the characters at something approaching their proper power levels.

But even if you don't consider that a virtue in its own right, remember that X1 was at the very start of the ongoing superhero movie boom, and as such, paved the way for more out-there movies... FC included.
That is a fair point.
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