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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

1. Intelligent street cameras that can recognize people and track everyone in real time, creating a map of the whereabouts of everyone.
2. High-range RFID chips with unblockable signal that can be utilized in identity cards, allowing you to ensure that, for example, there are no child predators around you.
3. Huge SSD drives capable of storing years worth of voice or even video data, enabling your phone to constantly record everything so you can easily upload it to your social network account along with your GPS tracks and everything, along with an AI that categorizes, indexes and subtitles everything for you.
4. AI-powered cameras integrated in light bulbs that are capable of turning on the lights and alerting the police automatically when you're being attacked in your own home.
5. Algorithms that can predict criminal behaviour based on any readily available data with as few false positives as possible.

Honourable mention: Hand-held fusion bombs.
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