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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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I have always liked the black Mets gear. I wish I could get the black cap in an 8 1/2, but the cap company doesn't sell it in that size. I could only get the blue one. Which isn't bad, I'd just like to have a cap that matches my black jacket.

The one Mets uni I don't like is the off-white with pinstripes. I shouldn't say that, I know it's traditional, I just like the pure black and pure white ones.

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Believe it or not, not everyone watches Mets games, so the vast majority of people have no clue what you're talking about.
Eh? I know that there aren't a lot of Mets fans here, but surely most people who follow baseball have at least a passing familiarity with Gary Carter? Both from the '86 team, and also especially since his death has been in the sports news lately.
I wasn't saying Gary Carter was an unknown (absolutely not ), I was pointing out that you talking about a "lovely tribute" without actually saying what that tribute was made it a somewhat meaningless statement in context.

^ And the Cubs have picked right up....with poor relief pitching.
I basically spent the entire offseason making sure I had nonexistent expectations for the team this year, so my blood pressure is still under control.

Fun fact of the day: Chone Figgins currently has the highest OPS on the Mariners.
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