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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

The word that describes the in-development independent series Drifter, on pretty much every level, is ambitious — ambitious in scope and ambitious in approach. Set to begin production in mid-July, the sci-fi/comedy/drama project is crowdfunding its pilot online — but setting its sights on television.
Created by Jeff Koenig, the premise of Drifter could be boiled down to “boy meets girl.” Except the story takes place 150 years from now, and the “girl” in this case (Julie Ann Emery, also a producer and co-writer) is an artificial intelligence manifesting as a character in an interactive TV show, a show the boy (Darren Le Gallo) is watching while lost in space with 12 days to live. There’s also a Battlestar Galactica-esque subplot focusing on a military commander trying to save the lost astronaut and handle the political opposition to the mission — making for a unique combination of genre and tone.
interesting premise for a half hour pilot.

The only way to watch the Drifter pilot will be to contribute to Drifter‘s crowd-funding campaign, currently being run through the site Mobcaster; even contributing one dollar gets donors access to the completed pilot online. The reason for this is that the pilot will not be receiving a wide release — instead, it’ll be used for pitching to networks (as well as companies like Hulu and Netflix) as a step towards a full release.
As of writing, the Drifter team has raised over $1,300 of its $25,000 goal, with almost two months left to go. If they don’t reach their goal, Koenig says that while they would have to reschedule this summer’s shoot, they would move forward in another direction.

Can Drifter turn a crowd-funded pilot into a television*deal?

One of these development project will finally turn into something. $25k is a small amount of money compared with most scifi TV projects but it could get a show greenlit for TV.
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