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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

49. The Hunger Games (C-)

The Hunger Games: I haven't read the books, nor do I have much inclination to, but friends wanted to see the movie, so I went along. There are really three major problems with this one. The first is plausibility; the world the film presents doesn't make any sense, and while I'm sure the books have more detail, I have a hard time believing that it could explain away this nonsense. The second is exposition; characters are constantly telling each other things that both should know. This is most evident with Stanley Tucci's announcer (He must say "As you well know" at least half a dozen times), but it's not limited to his character. The third is the PG-13 rating; there's little blood and handheld photography is often employed -- not on aesthetic grounds, but to prevent the audience from seeing minors engaged in violent, lethal acts against one another. On top of that, Katniss gets out of killing other characters at every possible opportunity (it was the bees, another tribute did it, etc.). For a movie that's about kids killing other kids, this one sure doesn't have any teeth.

Don't get me wrong. Outside of some shoddy CGI (the movie did come in at $75 million), the film is technically proficient and well acted (Lawrence is exceptional; I should really see Winter's Bone).'s little more than that.

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