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Re: "Cabin in the Woods" Pushed Back Again

Check it out. Cabin in the Woods is getting some great reviews at RottenTomatoes. At the moment it has 20 positive and only 2 negative.

I've read a few of the reviews, and the consensus seems to be that it starts out seeming like a very cliche slasher movie with stock characters... and then it cleverly subverts all the cliches and defies all expectations.

"The idea is to set up a movie we've seen a hundred times before, and then to rearrange it into something new and deliriously satisfying." -- Eric D. Snider

"Not since Scream has a horror movie subverted the expectations that accompany the genre to such wicked effect as The Cabin in the Woods." -- Peter Debruge

"You'll feel like horror is revitalized, like its importance is more obvious than ever. That might be Cabin's greatest achievement, reminding us why we love and need this genre." -- Devin Faraci
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