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Re: Vanguard: Storming Heaven by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I understand that Starfleet's research accidently caused those incidents that disturbed the Tholians. Starfleet also made a bad move continuing their experiments with the Tkon crystals instead of destroying them or locking away the Shedai. But I honestly don't understand why the Tholians were angry at the UFP in Paths of Disharmony.
Have a look at the Vanguard Series Bible. The short answer is, the actions of the Federation and Starfleet especially the misguided attempt to weaponize the Tkon Array triggered ancestral memories of the Tholians' experiences with the Shedai.

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Starfleet officers acted to save a Tholian crew on one occasion and Starfleet never deliberately assaulted or insulted the Tholians in the Taurus Reach.
An incident that the Tholian Ruling Council went to some effort to conceal from its own people, to the extent that an officer from the rescued Tholian crew (Nezrene) and a member of the Ruling Conclave (Ezthene) were forced into exile.

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I feel that all the Tholian ill will was misguided and just part of their general xenophobia. The Tholians commited far more atrocious acts against the UFP than the UFP commited against the Tholians.
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